TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies complete set of equipment and consumables for the support of Underground and Surface Works. Equipments are available in our stock or on order and are products of factories specialized in the field of support of excavations.

Fields of application of support equipment are:

-Support of Underground Works during excavation.
-Support of mining exploitation.
-Permanent support on Underground Works.
-Support of Surface Excavations.
-Geotechnical Works.

Main types of support equipment are:

  • Anchors, prestressed and passive types, products of the companies Cocental, France, Furen-mining, Korea, Railtech, France.
  • Sprayed concrete.
  • Rock reinforcement with fore poling and GRP anchors.

Anchors Stressed and Pasive

TECHNOCHIMIKI supplies anchors of stressed or passive type, products of the companies COCENTAL France,SUPANCHORS, Korea and ARS, France.
These anchors are used in every type of support works in relation with the project request.
Main applications are anchors of full column or point anchoring or prestressed anchores.
The following gives the main type of anchors supplied by TECHNOCHIMIKI.
-Prestressed anchores to support open excavations made of high strength steel section 25 up to 32 mm2 or strand of wire ropes diameter 16 mm2 or more ropes.Operating load of prestressed anchors related with the design of the project.
Following table shows main type of prestressed anchors supplied by TECHNOCHIMIKI.